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Another Achievement from CARI Think Tank Construction
2017-02-13 17:58 赵乐子  审核人:

Under the background of economic globalization and regional integration, and in the process of jointly coping with the global challenges and the developing problems worldwide and regionwide, it has attached an increasingly importance to University Think Tanks to provide vital intelligence, theoretical support and consulting suggestions for the government, enterprises and organizations. As the cooperation between China and ASEAN being expanded and deepened, China-ASEAN Research Institute(CARI) has shouldered the responsibility of the national strategy in constructing China-ASEAN Community of a Shared Destiny and serving the local need of Guangxi for constructingThree Ecologies(respectively referring to an incorruptible political ecology, a harmony social ecology and a clean and beautiful natural ecology) andTwo Buildings(namely keeping up with the national speed of building a well-off society, building Guangxi as the ASEAN-oriented international channel and the new strategic fulcrum in the Southwest and Central South regional development and opening-up.  


Recently, written by Professor Fan Zuojun, the Executive Deputy Dean of CARI, the policy suggestion report "The Agricultural Financial Service System Innovation, Financial Poverty Removal and Targeted Poverty Alleviation", carried in “China-ASEAN Lead”, 3rd Issue, 2017, which is also approved by Mr. Liu Zhengdong, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Guangxi Committee and Chairman of Guangxi University Council, has gained comments from Mr. Peng Qinghua, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director-General of the Standing Committee of People's Congress of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Mr. Huang Weijing, Vice Governor of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and other top leaders in Guangxi. They have delievered this report to the municipal departments like the government Financial Work Office and the Department of Finance to absorb in the work. Mr. Chen Wu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, reviewed this report.  


This report follows the concept of Inclusive Finance, aiming at the most prominet problems like the Three Rural Problems and Poverty Alleviation Problem. It puts forward suggestions in the perspectivers of focusing the financial poverty alleviation resources, offering all-around financial service, and targets at cracking financial poverty alleviation problems both at a higher level and on a larger scale.    



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